Energy Management Solutions

Energy Management and Savings Consultancy Firm


Energy Management Solutions was formed in 1991 as a specific energy management and savings consultancy firm.

We have built a strong reputation in these fields and are proud of our ability to provide ways of energy reduction and cost savings in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

In a time of ever increasing electricity costs and carbon emissions, our focus on the reduction of both energy usage and carbon emissions is our driving factor,
to provide our clients with reduced energy bills, while securing the future of generations to come.



By lowering the maximum demand, the kVA is reduced - resulting in lower charges from the local supply authority

Analysing our Clients' Needs from the Ground Up

Energy Management Solutions provides an all-round approach to energy and cost saving, by analysing our clients' needs from the ground up.

Measurement is key in knowing what our clients consume before determining how much can be saved.

Energy Management Services Offered

Our services start at utility meter reading and remote monitoring, before progressing to energy savings and the implementation thereof.
We also offer utility forensic audits to help our clients understand their energy usage billing and the correctness of such billing.

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