Do You Need Major Cost Savings? Then You Need Power Factor Correction!

What We Offer

Energy Management Solutions offer a range of products and services to ensure, assess and improve power factor.


Our Power Factor Correction equipment maintenance includes checking that the system is operating at optimum performance levels. We check the following:
This level of maintenance is recommended by manufacturers to be undertaken every 6 months, or as required.

A comprehensive report is supplied on completion detailing the works carried out. It includes specific recommendations for consideration.

Power Factor Correction may be required where a system has a power factor of less than 90% (or 0.9). A poor power factor can contribute to equipment instability and failure, as well as significantly higher than necessary energy costs since it means that more current is required to perform the same amount of work. By optimising and improving the power factor, power quality is improved, reducing the load on the electricity distribution system.

PFC equipment achieves a decrease in the total amount of electrical demand by using a bank of capacitors to offset an inductive load (or reactors if the load is capacitive).