Energy Management Solutions offers consultancy in many facets of energy management, with focus on maximum reduction with little to no effect on our clients' core business, production and profitability.

By studying and understanding the nature of our clients’ operations, we are able to offer solutions that are not harmful to the productivity or sales of the business. It would serve no purpose, to walk into an ice-cream shop and recommend turning off all the freezers to save energy. By the same token, we factor in all variables that dictate the successful running of our clients’ business and work around them.

Energy Management is key to saving energy in your home or your business. Much of the importance of energy saving stems from the global need to save energy – this global need affects energy prices, emission targets, and legislation. We ensure that we select optimum energy forms for consumption and that we optimize energy consumption of each form of energy to reduce energy costs and improve on productivity.

The advantages of Energy Management are:

Our service offerings include: