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Power factor correction is equipment that reduces any unnecessary energy that causes higher peaks on maximum demand (kVA). Maximum demand is generally caused by inductive load. Inductive load is load caused by motor driven equipment or machinery such as refrigeration plants, air-conditioning and motor driven production equipment.

Power factor equipment, is made up of capacitor banks which removes excess energy at times of high energy usage, therefore reducing any unnecessary spikes in maximum demand.

A simpler explanation can be drawn from the graph below:

Power factor correction removes the excess energy, represented in red to reduce the apparent power (kVA) to the same level as the real power (Kw) – represented in green. The above graph shows a load before and after the addition of power factor equipment.

Our assessment methods include network recordings which yield information on the usage, baseline power factor levels and harmonics in the supply.

We then design and install the unit to the requirements of the supply.

Power Factor Units:

Power factor units are made up of the following:

We stock and sell all of the above equipment.

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