Improve Your Current Situations With Energy-saving Ideas From Energy Management Solutions

In the face of the global energy crisis and South Africa’s continued implementation of load shedding due to the limited capacity to supply an ever-increasing demand, it’s important for everyone, businesses included, to do everything they can to reduce their energy usage. 

While saving energy isn’t likely to provide an immediate ‘fix’ to the current problems, the only way to reduce further harm and pave the way to make improvements a possibility is for each individual to play an active role in energy conservation. 

Specialising in energy management and savings consultancy for businesses in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors, Energy Management Solutions offers solutions and tips for businesses to implement to help reduce their energy usage. 

Start With The Basics

The concept of saving electricity is hardly a new one. For years, the population has received tips to reduce their energy consumption. Businesses can follow the same practices, including:

  • Turning off lights when not in use
  • Installing energy-efficient bulbs 
  • Taking advantage of natural light rather than using electricity

In an office environment, it is important that everyone is on the same page. Encourage your staff to save electricity where possible and create an open channel of communication for their energy-saving suggestions and ideas.

Better Heating And Cooling

So much electricity is wasted on powering air conditioners and heaters. While it is important to keep your office’s temperature comfortable for the sake of you and your staff, attempt other heating or cooling solutions before turning to electric solutions. 

Open windows when it is warm or consider a wind-powered vent to keep airflow moving. Consider better insulation, double glazing and other energy-efficient improvements to keep the office warm without turning on the heater. 

Invest In Energy-efficient Equipment

In the modern world, we have seemingly endless options for any device. From printers to computers and even light bulbs, there is a huge variety available. Just about every piece of equipment or device has an energy-efficient option. Investigating and investing in these options will help you save electricity ‒ and costs ‒ over time. 

Get An Energy Audit

Knowing and understanding your energy usage helps you identify what is using a lot of electricity and where your money is going. Understanding what is using the most energy helps you make decisions to reduce your usage. 

Get Off The Grid

One of the best options available to businesses is to become completely self-reliant with sustainable, off-grid energy solutions. Being fully reliant on sustainable energy sources like solar can allow you to virtually eliminate electricity as an expense. While these solutions can be costly at first, they pay for themselves in no time and will save you money in the future. 

Roodepoort-based Energy Management Solutions provides South African businesses with specialised energy management and cost savings solutions. Put your business in a better position with energy-saving alternatives from Energy Management Solutions. Contact us today to find out more.