Save Money & Combat The Effects Of Loadshedding With Energy Management Solutions

South African businesses are facing constant interruptions, excessive downtime, and thousands lost in revenue thanks to load shedding. With constant power cuts lasting hours at a time, South African businesses find themselves needing to cease operations until their power comes back on or invest in backup power sources, such as generators, uninterrupted power supplies, inverters and more.

While having these solutions available is great, the cost of implementing any one of them can seriously hurt a business. That’s why we’re here with solutions to help your business survive and thrive in the face of the difficulties that load shedding throws your way. 

Why Focus On Saving Money During Load Shedding?

Load shedding has a major financial impact on businesses. Businesses lose revenue when they are unable to operate without power or see themselves spending huge amounts of money on power alternatives like fuel-powered generators. 

With the severe cost load shedding brings, it is important for businesses to do everything in their power to save money wherever possible to ensure they remain in a decent financial position. Reducing costs can help balance the effects of not bringing in revenue or spending out of pocket to keep the lights on, preventing financial devastation that businesses may not be able to recover from. 

Our Range Of Money-saving Options For Your Business

We at Energy Management Solutions work to provide the best options to reduce energy usage and save money, including:

  • Utility Management

We help businesses identify and understand their energy usage with utility audits. Once they have a clear understanding of their usage, we work with them to identify the best ways to reduce energy consumption and save as much money as possible. 

  • Power Factor

Our Power Factor Correction equipment works during peak demand to reduce unnecessary energy usage. Capacitor banks remove excess energy at high-usage times, minimising maximum demand spikes. 

Reduce Today, Save Tomorrow With Energy Management Solutions

By strategically analysing our clients’ needs from every angle, we offer a complete, all-around approach to cost savings and energy management. With a complete understanding of their situation and needs, we can give the most accurate information about how much can be saved. With comprehensive, flexible solutions, we ensure that South African businesses have access to the right management, procurement or maintenance solution for their unique requirements. 

Energy Management Solutions in Roodepoort specialises in energy management and savings consultancy, helping South African businesses in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors find effective methods of energy reduction and cost savings. To take the first steps in fighting the impact of load shedding by saving your business money, get in touch with us today.