What Is Utility Management & How Can It Help My Business?

Running a business has never been easy. Even way before 2020, businesses around the world faced challenges. There are economic, logistical and ecological challenges and intense market competition to face. However, now more than ever, all business sectors need to find creative ways to save money, reduce costs and increase profits in order to survive an unpredictable economic climate. 

South African businesses in particular are feeling the pinch and many are looking for ways to cut down on utilities. This is where utility management comes in, so let’s take a look at how it can transform your business.

What Is Utility Management? 

Water and electricity are essential to the healthy functioning of any business in any industry. Some countries offer subsidised utilities, but in South Africa, we have to pay for these. So the question is: How do you keep your bill as low as possible? Utility management is the process whereby your work site is audited by a professional energy consulting team, such as Energy Management Solutions, to find out how your electricity and water are being consumed and how you can reduce excess consumption.

At EMS, our process is simple and streamlined for the best outcomes. We’ll audit your site from the point of supply right to the end user and check that the most cost-effective rates are being applied. We do monthly meter readings as well as remote metering for added convenience. This will help you keep track of your water and electricity usage. We use in-house software to analyse your readings and perform expense/recovery synopses. We will also manage your billing enquiries to make sure you are paying for accurate readings.

Benefits You Might Be Missing Out On 

Business owners that neglect to implement utility management are missing out on several benefits. Firstly, utility management helps you pinpoint potential savings related to unit costs. It also helps you achieve long-term sustainable energy-efficient practices, so you can start saving now and continue to reduce consumption and save on bills in the future. 

When you have ongoing, professional utility management at your site, such as a construction site, a clothing factory or a manufacturing plant, you can enjoy improved overall performance since your systems will no longer be overcompensating to produce wasted energy. By using only what is needed of water and electricity, you will indirectly be implementing cleaner, greener habits, increasing profit margins through utility bill refunds and doing your bit for the environment. 

With utility management from Energy Management Solutions, you will clearly see where improvements are needed and will soon notice monthly savings and lower overall costs for your business facility.

Energy Management Solutions in Roodepoort can install, replace and test all static electricity and water meters. Get more accurate meter readings and save drastically on your utilities with our utility management consulting services. Contact us today to get started.