Are You Being Overcharged On Your Utility Bills?

Did you know that your home or business premises may be overcharged or lose out on electricity savings opportunities? And that the cause might be calculation errors and inconsistencies invoiced by utility providers?

Keep reading to discover how you can combat overpaying for utilities.

Understanding The Cost Of Utility Bill Discrepancies

Cable, water and internet service utility invoices can contain a number of inaccuracies. For example, many electricity and water meters are still read visually, and a single incorrect digit can cause costs to surge. 

Furthermore, wrongfully charged customers are often obliged to pay the exorbitant cost to avoid being disconnected. Even if the energy provider acknowledges an error, it will only offer a future “credit” rather than provide a refund.

How A Utility Audit Can Help

Understanding and knowing your energy use is fundamental for budgeting. Uncertainty over the accuracy of utility bills is quite common, which is where a utility audit comes in. Most consumers are unaware that a utility audit is an effective cost-saving option.

A utility audit is a thorough examination of all-electric, telecommunications, water, and sewage bills. The audit identifies billing errors and assesses the efficacy of rate plans.

A utility audit consists of 3 main elements.

  • Investigation: Your billing history and all service agreements will be reviewed to establish a comprehensive overview of what you’re currently paying for and your actual service requirements.
  • Evaluation: A remote review of all aspects of your utilities and telecommunications operations will be conducted. Landlords, site managers or estate agents will be alerted to resolve service issues. Billing problems are then addressed with service providers.
  • Recommendation: Following an evaluation of your services, you’ll receive tailored solutions and alternatives. This may include renegotiating your contracts, exploring alternative service providers, or implementing energy-saving plans on your property. 

What Comes Next?

We do on-site examinations on metering equipment to ensure that the setup, calibration, and maintenance are correct. The historical billing from the local services authority/landlord is investigated to verify:

  • Meter readings correspond to past billing.
  • The correct and most cost-effective tariff is applied
  • Only the consumption utilized by our clients is being charged.

With this information, we compile an accurate report and take all necessary corrective steps on your behalf. This includes negotiations with your local service providers. 

Energy Management Solutions has over three decades of experience as an energy management and savings consultancy firm.

We have created a solid reputation and pride ourselves on our innovative and strategic approach to reducing energy use and saving money across retail, commercial and industrial sectors. We understand that utility bill discrepancies can happen, but that doesn’t mean South African home and business owners should be the ones footing the bill. Under an increasingly pressured economy, saving costs and managing utilities efficiently can make a huge difference. 

Looking to optimize your utility bills? Get in touch today.