Ramaphosa Outlines Steps to Reduce Load Shedding in SA

As load shedding in SA reaches crisis mode, consumers are demanding answers to what is being done to allow the country to move forward. Ramaphosa has announced that measures are currently being put into place to reduce (and hopefully end) constant outages.

After record blackouts across the country, Eskom is facing many challenges – spare parts shortages, labour disputes, failing power stations, and numerous other problems. Calls from businesses, unions and opposition parties are increasing for the government to take action urgently. To find a way out of the disaster, the government is preparing steps to fast-forward an increase in electricity supply. A “comprehensive set of actions” will be announced on how the government aims to address loadshedding in SA.

What Measures are Planned to Resolve Load Shedding in SA?

In his weekly open letter to the public, Ramaphosa has acknowledged the devastation of load shedding in SA, noting that after over a decade of outages, South Africans have a right to feel frustrated.

Here’s what he had to say about the current situation and how his government aims to address the issues.

“At times like this, it can feel like there is no end in sight. Yet, while load shedding appears to worsen, the reality is that we have already taken several important actions to address the shortfall in electricity supply. Our immediate priority is to stabilise the electricity system. As the system recovers and generation capacity is restored, Eskom will be able to reduce load shedding to lower stages.”

“The agreement reached between Eskom and labour unions will enable critical repairs and return additional units to operation. The transmission line from Cahora Bassa in Mozambique has been restored, adding 600 MW to the grid, and Medupi Unit 6 returned to service on Saturday, adding another 720 MW. Additional units will come back online during the coming week, further easing the current shortfall.”

“In the end, the bottom line is that we need to add more capacity to the grid. This will create space for Eskom to undertake critical maintenance and increase the reliability of its fleet. It will also create a buffer so that even if several units experience breakdowns at once, other sources can be used.”

In addition to these steps, the president also noted that Eskom has made land available for independent power providers for renewable energy. Additional measures include efforts by law enforcement to deal with sabotage, fraud and theft – all of which pose even more threat to an already vulnerable system. 

“There are no easy solutions to our electricity crisis. But we are committed and determined to explore every avenue and use every opportunity to ensure that we generate enough electricity to meet the country’s needs,” says Rhamaposa. 

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