Building A Green Home In SA

As a new property owner, you may have to seriously consider all the ways you can build a greener home. With the current climate changes, ineffective power producers in South Africa and continuous rising tariffs on electricity, it is not only the smart thing to do but also the cheapest. 

You may already be inundated with ways to do this on a limited budget or tight schedule. And with all the other stressors that come along with building a new home, you may move it further down your list. However, as energy experts, we recommend you include energy now into your plans instead of holding out on them. 

It can save you the hassle of having to redo or renovate your home later on, is a convenient solution to rolling blackouts now and is bound to save you money month on month. 

Here are some ways you can incorporate green measures into your plans. 

Install A Solar Geyser

While the initial price of owning a solar geyser can quickly scare you off the idea of a green home, we can assure you that it is a valuable investment that will pay itself off before you know it. This will reduce your bill greatly, as geysers usually take up a big percentage of energy on your property to function. 

Although there are cheap alternatives on the market, such as timers, these are not long-term solutions and can make your life more difficult every time you need to use heated water without notice. 

Invest In Insulation 

Proper insulation goes a long way in keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It can be extremely beneficial in reducing your use of air conditioners and heaters during changing seasons. With new buildings, you can easily spot gaps in the structure and address them quickly. Whereas, with older homes, you can struggle to fix these issues. Now is an opportunity to prioritise your insulation to see the positive effects it will have on your monthly utility bills. 

Choose Gas Over Electricity 

With the threat of load-shedding always present, you are likely already using a backup gas stove in your current home. But as your new home is built, consider installing a gas stove in your kitchen. Gas is much cheaper than electricity and is readily available. You do need to wait for plates to heat up and can avoid having cold meals when load-shedding hits. This suggestion goes beyond just looking into purchasing one. You should have professionals fit the kitchen to make it an easy installation. 

Whatever your reason for looking into building a green home in SA today, you can be sure that you are living in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective house. While the world looks for innovative ways to deal with climate change and SA tries to mitigate the growing energy crisis, you can rest easy knowing you are well prepared for today and tomorrow. 

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