Reducing Your Energy Consumption

Almost all South Africans are feeling the pinch these days, with increased electrical tariffs, rising fuel prices and exorbitant food costs. It is becoming harder and harder to cut back effectively or even save up for a rainy day. Many of us feel distraught, unsure of how even to tackle the next few months while making ends meet. 

You may find yourself frantically Googling ways to reduce your energy consumption, following friends’ recommendations on how to cut back or even manually going around your home switching appliances off and on all to save a few rands. However, many of these solutions are not sustainable or even effective in the long run. 

Here are some practical ways to reduce your usage and save money. 

Switch To LEDs 

There are so many advantages to using LEDs, but people often dismiss them because of the cost. However, we suggest you weigh up their long-term benefits compared to normal lighting, which you will need to replace often and are not energy-efficient. These lights are designed for energy efficiency, have lengthy lifespans and require lower voltages to work. Not only will this save you on your electricity bills in the future, but you will also notice an immediate difference now. 

While pricier than your usual options on the market, we recommend fitting LEDs over a period instead of splurging all at once. This can help you avoid the initial high expenses and allows you to plan your purchases. 

Check Your Appliances 

We often overlook how much electricity our appliances use up while on standby. Although switching each non-essential appliance on or off manually every time you leave home is a good way to cut back, it is not very sustainable over time. We recommend you look into installing smart switches. 

While these devices are also costly, the advantage is that you power up more than one appliance with them. They are specifically designed to afford you flexibility and are made for energy savings. You can wire up your lighting, your television or even your kitchen appliances quickly. Then you can download applications onto your phone or tablet, set timers for when these appliances need to come on and go off and sit back. If you need to bypass the settings, you can easily change this on the app without worrying about the impact on your electricity bill. 

Look Into Solar 

Before you dismiss the idea of installing a solar geyser on your property because of the expensive initial costs, consider what the effect will be over time on your finances and energy consumption. Geyers use immense power to operate and can often be the leading expense on your bill every month. While timers are effective, they can be a hassle to set up, and they can also be difficult to bypass if you need to switch on your geyser immediately. 

Consulting with energy companies around SA can give you more insight into what your options are on the market. Furthermore, you may be surprised to realise how much more affordable solutions are than you initially anticipated.

With our helpful, relevant and valuable tips, we at Energy Management Solutions assure you that you can reduce your energy consumption effectively. For long-term solutions to energy usage in your home, speak to us to learn more about what we can offer you in today’s world.