How Businesses Can Save Power During Summer

If you’re wondering how your company can save power during summer, you’re not alone. Across South Africa, summers are often extremely hot. When temperatures rise, it can be a challenge to keep offices cool. Expecting employees to stay productive and focused when they are over-heating is never realistic. Keeping offices cool doesn’t have to mean wasting a lot of energy on air conditioners, however. In fact, instead of wasting energy, you can even save power during summer with a few simple strategies.

Tips to Save Power During Summer

These tips will help you save power during the summer months.

Get smart about air conditioners.

Air conditioners can be heavy on electricity, especially in office environments when they are run for eight or more hours a day. Without air conditioners, it can be hard to keep some buildings cool. In offices with no windows and no natural ventilation, these devices are a lifesaver. When choosing air conditioners, look for those with programmable thermostats. This will give you more control over temperatures and ensure that you use the best settings to optimise power. 

Use overhead fans where possible. 

Overhead fans can take the pressure off air conditioners by providing a low-energy cooling option. These can be used along with air conditioners or used instead in the case of smaller buildings. If you have windows and doors leading outside in your office, you can also make use of natural airflow to bring down temperatures. This will help you save energy without relying too much on cooling devices. 

Conduct regular utility audits. 

In summer and throughout every other season, regular utility audits are the best way to ensure that you are not wasting power. These should be done by a trusted specialist who is able to provide comprehensive audits as well as added value services such as remote metering. The goal of these services is to help you identify ways to save power. 

As a trusted partner providing sustainable services designed for the commercial sector, Energy Management Solutions is here to help you save power in summer and beyond.